DIN Rail Sockets

For mounting on 35 mm DIN rail.
Wire connections on terminals.
It provides a power supply for electrical tools or instruments during installation, operation and maintenance.
Available in five different national standards and in two basic versions: without and with limiting fuse 6.3A.
Code Description
ALFASOCKET01 Ital 10A eSchuko
ALFASOCKET02 10A/16A double-step and Schuko
ALFASOCKET03 16A French standard
ALFASOCKET04 16A Euro-American standard
ALFASOCKET05 16A Spanish standard
ALFASOCKET01F 10A and Schuko with fuse 6A
ALFASOCKET02F 10A/16A double-step and Schuko with fuse 6A
ALFASOCKET03F Socket 16A French standard with fuse 6A
ALFASOCKET04F 16A Euro-American standard with fuse 6A
ALFASOCKET05F 16A Spanish standard with fuse 6A
PRSCH01 Schuko16A
PRSCH03 Two-pins + Schuko16A