Electronic Temperature Controller with display

Compact Size – 1 DIN Module (17,5mm) or 2 DIN modules (35mm)
Supply 10-30AC/DC or 200-240VAC
Din rail mounting
Digital adjustment of tempearture (2 red digit)
Appropriate for temperature control inside electric panel (fan and resistor control)
NTC probe input
1 or 2 relay outputs
Code Power SUpply Relay
ETH10 200-240 VAC 1 SPDT output (10A-AC1)
ETH14 10-30 VAC/DC 1 SPDT output (10A-AC1)
ETHD10 200-240 VAC 2 SPDT outputs (10A-AC1)
ETHD14 10-30 VAC/DC 2 SPDT outputs (10A-AC1)