EMC Filter Fans


DC powered filter fan units can be the best way to prevent EMC interference to monitors and other sensitive equipment inside the enclosure.

Code Air Flow Power Supply
ALFAA500BPMB 24 m3/h 230V-50/60Hz
ALFAA510BPMB 24 m3/h 115V-50/60Hz
ALFAA512BPMB 24 m3/h 12VDC
ALFAA524BPMB 24 m3/h 24VDC
ALFA1600BPMB 55 m3/h 230V-50/60Hz
ALFA1610BPMB 55 m3/h 115V-50/60Hz
ALFA1524BPTMB 55 m3/h 24VDC
ALFA1548BPTMB 55 m3/h 48VDC
ALFAB500BPMB 110 m3/h 230V-50/60Hz
ALFAB510BPMB 110 m3/h 115V-50/60Hz
ALFAB524BPTMB 110 m3/h 24VDC
ALFAB548BPTMB 110 m3/h 48VDC
ALFA2300BPMB 120 m3/h 230V-50/60Hz
ALFA2310BPMB 120 m3/h 115V-50/60Hz
ALFA2324BPUTB 120 m3/h 24VDC
ALFA2348BPUTB 120 m3/h 48VDC
ALFA2500BPMB 230 m3/h 230V-50/60Hz
ALFA2510BPMB 230 m3/h 115V-50/60Hz
ALFA2524BPTMB 230 m3/h 24VDC
ALFA2548BPTMB 230 m3/h 48VDC
ALFA2600BPMB 370 m3/h 230V-50/60Hz
ALFA2610BPMB 370 m3/h 115V-50/60Hz
ALFA2640BPMB 370 m3/h 400V-3ph-50/60Hz
ALFA3500BPMB 500 m3/h 230V-50/60Hz
ALFA3510BPMB 500 m3/h 115V-50/60Hz
ALFA3540BPMB 500 m3/h 400V-3ph-50/60Hz
ALFA3600BPMB 630 m3/h 230V-50/60Hz
ALFA3610BPMB 630 m3/h 115V-50/60Hz